Relax Dryer, Tubular Compactor, Balloon Padder, Open Compactor, Tubular Heat Setting machine -- Professional manufacturer of textile finishing machinery
applied for open width fabric, made of material cotton or polyester.

Key Features:
--- Based on daily production capacity, different models from 2~ 12chambers could be chosen. 
--- Different working width from 1000mm to 2800mm with pin chain entry system.
--- Different heating source of Thermal Oil/Natural Gas/Steam are available.
--- Reliable and brands applied, Siemens motor, PLC, Touch Screen; Schneider components, etc.
--- Monforts style and Germany technology applied.
--- Trustable after-sale service.
--- Accept customer's special requirement with powerful technical support.
Heat Setting Stenter (Stenter Machine)
Applied for open width cotton fabric and other natural fibers pre-shrinking process.
***The machine can NOT be used for polyester/synthetic fabrics.
Key Features:
--- Powerful function of 3in1 machine, Tentering Unit, Drying Unit, Compacting Unit combined.
--- Based on different fabric width,provide different and suitable models: DGLS-2200mm / 2400mm(standard) / 2600 mm
--- Heating Source is Electricity(standard), Thermal Oil or Steam.
--- Total stainless steel material of entry system 7m length.
--- Centering device, tracking edge, perfect shrinkage with Nomex blanket covered 2 cylinder.
--- High standard, excellent performance, professional after-sale service make customers satisfied.

Open Width Compactor (Sanforizing machine, Preshrinking machine)
Apply for drying knitted and woven fabric made of cotton or polyester material. Tubular and Open Width fabric are both available.

Key Features:
---Relax Dryer is desgined with three layers equipped Siemens motor and inverter.
---Single or multi-pass is ok.
---Speed of 3~45m/min.
---Temperature is 150℃ max inside of chambers.
---Exit fabric with 8% moisture content. 
---Tubular knitted fabric and Open Width woven fabric are both available.
---Heating Source of Thermal Oil/ Steam/ Natural Gas
---Famous brand applied of Siemens, Schneider, Maxon, Omron, Honeywell, Delta, NSK, etc.
---Advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving.
Relax Dryer(Tensionless Drying Machine)
Suitable for knitted tubular fabric/ 100% cotton/wool/mixed fabric (cotton content>50%)

Key Features:
--- Ferraro Style.
--- Magnet Shuttle Entry system. Automatic operation. Save cost and labour.
--- Single pass, Double pass and Mixed pass
--- Precision Folder Exit system.
--- Dupont Nomex blanket, shrinkage under 3%.
--- Cylinder diameter 450mm.
--- Working Width 300mm~1500mm.
--- Heating Source of Thermal Oil/ Electricity/ Steam.
--- Fixed size and better smooth feel acheived on fabric after process. 
--- China first tubular compactor designer and manufacturer.
--- Leader and best of tubular compactor in China
Tubular Compactor (Sanforizing machine, Preshrinking machine)
Used for tubular cotton and cotton-mixed fabric process.

Key Features:
--- Increase the fabric surface lightness.
--- Make the fabric feel better by hand.
--- High expressure effect on fabric and make fabric shining.
--- Single pass 1500mm or Double pass 2x1200mm is available.
--- Heating source of Electricity is recommended.

Tubular Calendering machine
This machine is used for processing roped tubular fabric after dyeing.

Key Features:
--- Roped tubular fabric opener
--- Water squeezing padder, 2 rollers covered Gomplast rubber.
--- Softener adding by mixer & padding with 2 rollers. Double padders are equipped.
--- Two tanks for washing and adding softener.
--- Total 100% stainless steel material.
--- Detwister-head move up and down freely. 
--- Powerful 3 in 1 function: Hydro extractor, Softener adding, Padding machine.
Balloon Padder with Detwister (Balloon Squeezer Machine)
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