Relax Dryer, Tubular Compactor, Balloon Padder, Open Compactor, Tubular Heat Setting machine -- Professional manufacturer of textile finishing machinery
used for fabric material of cotton/chemical fiber / blended knitted fabric / woven fabric, etc.

Key Features:
Different models suitable for different width of the fabric from 2~ 12chambers. 
DGLD2400/2600/2800 is popular model based on different fabric width;
Different heat sources, including natural gas / thermal oil / steam;
Accept customer's OEM requirement and offer customer our professional advice.
Heat Setting Stenter (Stenter Machine)
Used for open width cotton fabric and other natural fibers pre-shrinking process.
***The machine can NOT be used for synthetic fabrics.
Key Features:
3in1 machine, Stenter, Dryer, Compactor, 3 functions in 1 machine.
Based on different fabric width, we can provide the following machine models: DGLS-2200mm / 2400mm(standard) / 2600 mm
Based on different heat sources, our machine adopt 3 heat methods: Steam, Electricity, Thermal Oil.

Open Width Compactor (Sanforizing machine, Preshrinking machine)
Used for processing and drying knitted and woven cotton and cotton mixed tubular and open width fabric.

Key Features:
Relax Dryer has three layers inside of chambers and applied by tubular and open fabric.
With high efficiency and energy saving, dry the fabric after dyeing process, achieving the natural moisture content of the fabric.
Siemens motor is equipped as standard equipment. Other world famous brands also apply in the machine.  Each layer's speed is controlled by PLC+Inverter. Improved technology make it the best in China.

Relax Dryer(Tensionless Drying Machine)
Suitable for Tubular knitted Fabric/ Pure cotton/wool/mixed fabric (cotton content>50%)

Key Features:
This machine could make the fabric keeping in a stable size after drying process.
The machine blanket is 20mm thickness containing NOMEX material, which could resist high temperature and not pollute the fabric.
*The width of fabric: 1500 mm Max.
**Standard diameter of Cylinder is 450mm.

Tubular Compactor (Sanforizing machine, Preshrinking machine)
Used for processing cotton and cotton-mixed tubular fabric.

Key Features:
After processing with this machine, the fabric could reach certain size and smooth appearance.
The Calender Machine is an economic and easy operation model of textile finishing machine. It can meet normal requirements of fabric processing.
The Maximum width of the fabric: Single 1500mm; Dual 2x800mm

Calender (Vertical Calender, Textile Calendering Machine)
This machine is used for processing tubular fabric,especially the fabric of cotton material.

Key Features:
The machine could detwist the tubular fabric after dyeing or other process. Then with the help of double dip, Balloon Padder could get the effect without any wrinkle on fabric. Based on the stainless material, now it becoming more and more popular and important during the textile finishing process.
Balloon Padder with Detwister (Balloon Squeezer Machine)
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