Textile Industry Trends

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In 2018, the textile machinery industry maintained a steady and increasing trend. The main business income and exports still maintained double-digit growth. However, due to adverse factors such as Sino-US trade friction, the growth rate of the industry has slowed down. . Although the overall market situation is good, the various segments of the textile machinery are clearly differentiated, and the pressure for transformation and upgrading is still there.
In this year, textile machinery enterprises actively responded to market changes, accelerated the pace of scientific and technological research and development, made adjustments and transformations, and achieved gratifying results in terms of equipment intelligence, industry self-discipline and improvement of corporate management. In this year, smart manufacturing has developed rapidly, and the trend of industrial transfer is obvious. The development opportunities of the industry are also bred.

Intelligentization is not only an inevitable trend in the development of textile machinery equipment in the future, but also the most important feature of the development of the textile machinery industry in recent years. As smart manufacturing related technologies continue to be vigorously promoted in the textile field, the textile industry has evolved from the intelligence of stand-alone machines to the digitization, automation and intelligence of systems.

"There is no way out without innovation." This has become the general consensus of China's textile machinery enterprises. The emphasis on technological innovation and the continuous investment in “real gold and silver” have enabled the textile machinery enterprises to significantly improve their innovation capabilities. In 2018, many companies spoke with new products and new technologies and handed over perfect answers.

As the conventional equipment market tends to be saturated, issues such as homogenization competition and vicious price wars have become the biggest constraints for enterprises in some fields. Establish an orderly competition order, not low-price marketing and credit sales, in order to safeguard corporate interests and achieve sound development of the industry.

After years of market competition and baptism, China's textile machinery enterprises operate more standardized and management is more scientific. Many enterprises have strengthened cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions through various forms to further enhance their competitiveness.

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