Now China is safe and return to normal order

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Till now, COVID-19 is totally under control in China, following factories back into normal order, the whole society will become as usual in coming few days this month.

Meanwhile, the other countries and places are infectted rapidly, expanded so many people around every corner of world.

China already offer help and provided disinfection goods/medicine/doctors to more than 82 countries facing virus threat. As a Chinese member, we’d like to struggle together with all friends and creat a bright future from present situation. We experinced the same about two month ago, we hope world would recover from this epidemic virus back into a healthy family.

Right now, our factory is keeping normal production to fulfil orders for our customers. Comparing present serious situation, everything is suspended because of corona virus, so it’s the good time for owners to start basic construction and machinery investment, their competitor are not work, so they have enough time to prepare everthing for future production.

If you have same idea or agree with this point, tell me your next plan, we will follow it and offer you a perfect solution based on our plenty of experience.

Deguan, just like our China, would like to bear the responsiblity to help each other and spend difficult and happy time together.

Let’s pray and fighting!

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