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As the leader of textile finishing machinery manufacturer, DEGUAN focus on this area for 20 years and we are keeping improvement of our technology under the hard work of experienced engineer team, now we achieved lots of customers satisfactory feedback and huge market share around the world.
In order to make our machine perfect and let our customers enjoy excellent operation, we devote more from past till now, even in future, to improve our technology and machines.  

Our fabric finishing machinery includes two lines --- Open fabric machine and Tubular fabric machine.

The open fabric machinery including Heat Setting Stenter, Open Compactor, Tensionless Dryer, Auto Slitter, Fabric Inspection machine, and other textile finishing machines.

The tubular fabric machinery including Tubular Balloon Padder, Tubular Compactor, Relax Dryer, Tubular Heat Setting machine, Tubular Calendering machine and Air Turning machine, Precision Folder, a whole set of equipment.

We exported our machines to USA, Canada, UK, Uzbekistan, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc, more than 30 countries.

In fact, our engineer designed and produced the first Tubular Compactor in China, since then we are keeping advantage in finishing industry, which is our target and we are never stop our marching steps.

We, DEGUAN, will make us and customers a best taste from our strict quality, best service. Under a good reputation brand, we cherish every opportunity to cooperate with you. Meanwhile, high standard textile finishing machines along with thoughtful after-sale service, we promise your choice will never let you down.

Choose DEGUAN, means Fine Start is Half Done!

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